Sunday, 25 September 2011

iPhone 5 design makes iPhone 4 accessories useless bad news for iphone4 users: Major iphone 4 accessories will not work with iphone 5

Rumours are circling that Apple’s newest creation will descend from the heavens on 26th September, along with an interesting tidbit about a redesign which turns iPhone 4 accessories useless.
It has been rumoured that a September release was imminent, but it seems that fanboys hoping for an earlier release will have to put their sleeping bag back in the cupboard and plan their overnight stakeout for a little later.
According to our whispering sources the iPhone 5 will be released to Apple’s cult of followers closer to the end of the month.
This specific date also ties in with the first official day of what the yanks call ‘Fall’, also the expected timeframe for the release of the iOS 5.
The date is also highlighted by KitGuru which points out that Apple’s iPhone 4 will be left in the dark, which we're sure will please anyone who picks one up this month.
We have heard the new device will mean that all existing screen protectors will be made redundant. It's because of a re-design which means iPhone 4 covers will obstruct a new wireless feature. All of the current screen protectors cover the area which will stop it from working.
NFC? We dunno.
If true, in just under two months the world is going to find itself flooded with near-useless accessories. There are plenty of accessories manufacturers still churning out iPhone 4 covers.
It's worth considering the millions upon millions of iPhone accessories that are available right now -all rendered obsolete with a stroke of Apple’s magic wand.

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